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Featured Product

Kabat Gauge Wheel Arm Repair Kit To Fit JD 7000, 7200, Early Kinze
To Fit JD7000, EARLY 7200, Early Kinze
Part Number: APQ 2550 Model Number: JD 7000-EARLY 7200/ KZ 2000-2300  Product Number: 1243
Our Price: $25.50

R.E. Skillings Supplies, Inc.
R.E. Skillings Supplies, Inc. supplies a wide variety of replacement parts for a full spectrum of farming needs, including tilling, planting, spraying and harvesting. Our product lines also encompass a wide variety of shop tools and other related supplies.
Our customers are our partners, and we count on each other for continued success. That is why R.E. Skillings Supplies, Inc. has always taken care to deliver exceptional customer service, sharing knowledge and profit-making solutions with those whose livelihoods are connected to the ever-changing agriculture industry.

Prices subject to change. Please call for current pricing.